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"Hello everyone, and welcome ! I am Eugenia Crispin. I love music. I have been completely devoted to music, body mind and spirit, since childhood. I not only love sharing my passion via performance, but also treasure connections with my students while teaching vocal training. For details of my background, you can read my whole story below. "

Eugenia Crispin

Eugenia Crispin Singer-Musician&Vocal Coach

I am Eugenia Crispín, an active musician and singer specialized in jazz and modern music.

I am a few months away from graduating in the vocal interpretation at the modern and jazz conservatory “ESEM Taller de Músics” in Barcelona.

Previous, i had done the elementary level and some courses of the professional degree of classical piano at “Escola de Música Joan Llongueres”. I have had the opportunity to take private singing and vocal improvisation lessons with great singers and musicians such as Xevi García, Clara Luna, Núria Cols, Rubén Fernández, Diana Tarín, Miguel Manzo and Juana Rodríguez.

On the other hand, i work with a speech therapist specialized in singers, Mónica Miralles; who teaches me how to treat the voice as a phonatory organ and gives me speech therapy tools to work the voice from a more anatomical point of view..

Regarding the piano, i have also worked with great pianists and pedagogues such as Carlos Uguet, Jaume Gispert and Alejandro Di Costanzo.

Through all the influences that i have received in all these years and i keep receiving, i have developed my own method and organization of my singing and vocal training lessons:

First, i find out the registry and the changing areas. Then, i analyze the breathing capacity and from there, i design a personalized exercise routine to maximize the voice.

Projection, resonance and power to get volume without getting hurt.

Precision work to sing any note with intensity by training the fonorespiratory coordination, the vocal and buccal placement and the diaphragm.

Resistance of the surrounding musculature of the strings, vocal care and hygiene so that you can sing for several hours without causing so much fatigue or injury.

Style freedom. My priority is to develop and enhance the personality of the singer.

Music language knowledge and vocal improvisation.

Sound interpretation, lyrics and style work.

I consider that a fundamental part in a singer is the scenario and the staging, therefore, twice a year i organize a show to work on stage with live musicians.!

The classes are individual and I teach them in my studio, in the center of Barcelona or by Skype.

You do not need to have great vocal notions to begin with, just put a lot of enthusiasm and love music!

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